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The Retail Environment

A How-To Guide for Store Assessments

STARS Surveillance Tool (Standardized Tobacco Assessment for Retail Settings)

Retail observation toolkit

Retail Environment Counter-messaging Toolkit

Retail Chalk the Walk Activity

Retail Shadowbox

New York State Retail Environment Policies Chart

Point of Sale Policies: NY Communities Taking Action

Tobacco Industry Marketing Expenditures, 2018

Oh, snap! Countering Tobacco Industry Opposition to Tobacco Controls 

Reducing youth exposure to tobacco marketing: Policy options for local governments in NY

The point of sale problem in numbers, 2016

Tailoring retailer density messaging to urban and rural communities

Your local store may serve as a recruitment center for new youth smokers

Point of Sale Tobacco Marketing: Disproportionately targeting vulnerable populations

Just the Facts: Tobacco Retail Licensing

Legal issues: Tobacco Retail Licensing

Tobacco Retail Licensing: Promoting Health Through Local Sales Regulations

NY Model Policy for Tobacco Retail Licensing

Regulating sales of flavored tobacco products

Flavored Tobacco Product Myths: Responses and Context

Flavors Drive Youth Tobacco Use: Infographic

Tobacco-Free, Vape-Free Outdoors

Park/Public Space Observation Toolkit

Clean-Up & Counter Messaging Toolkit

NY Model Ordinance to Prohibit Tobacco and E-cigarette Use in Specified Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Smoke-Free Outdoor Pride Month Toolkit

Tobacco-Free College Campuses in NYS, 2021 Update

Tobacco-Free Outdoor Spaces: Buffer Zones and Other Hazy Issues

Model Tobacco-Free or Smokefree Event Policy (ChangeLabSolutions)

Good Health is Good Business: A Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy Guide

Smoke-Free Housing

NY Landlord Smoke-Free Housing Toolkit

NY Guide to Smoke-Free Condominiums

NY Guide to Smoke-Free Cooperatives

NY Tenants’ Guide

Modifiable sample documents for landlords

Statewide Smoke-Free Housing Registry

Smoke-Free Media

Attorney General Letter to Media Companies (2019)

American Academy of Pediatrics – Smokefree Movies and Media

While You Were Streaming

Do Movies Cause Kids to Smoke?

What’s Hollywood Hiding Toolkit

Why an R Rating

NYS Smoke-Free Media Guide (2012)

What is Hollywood Hiding Action Guide (2020)